Sunday, January 23, 2011

Diari :: Me as strangers

Akibat pakai eyeliner murah

When I meant nothing to you 
Why you give me a hopes ?
Why you talked me softly ?
Why you cared me like daddy ?
Why you give a sweet feel like candy ?
Why don’t you treat me roughly ?
So I can keep in mind
You and I 
There are nothing between us.

When I’m nobody to you
Resist me when I being lovely
Remind me when I’m beyond the boundary
Silent me when I’m laughing merrily
Abide me when I’m crying
Tell me you belong to somebody
So I can hold my heart
to remain intact in her place
and coax my mind that
I always stay as nobody for yo
 No difference as strangers.

Credit to devianArt for picture ~

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